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Lebers Heredity Optic


Leber's Hereditary Optic Neuropathy
L -        H -           O -    N

Lebers disease was first described by a German eye specialist in the 1870's

LHON is a genetic disorder passed on by females to both male and female offspring but those who have LHON mainly are male. There are a very small percentage of females that are known to also have this disorder.

renders an individual legally blind.

symptoms start with a loss of central vision in one eye first then progresses to the other eye over the course of days to months later.

there are no noticeable features that would let the average person determine that a person was suffering from LHON, in fact in familiar surroundings one who has Lebers shows no signs of the disorder and functions for the most part like an average sighted person.

no known treatments are available at this time.

genetic research is on going.

sight is restricted to extreme magnification of text or objects with any type of detail.

the color blind condition is when there is a loss of all colors, or when the colors are not being viewed correctly.

what triggers the genetic defect to become active is not totally known but it is thought that alcohol, smoking and stress play major rolls in triggering LHON.